The Rapid Growth Journey of a Handmade Aussie Business – A Case Study

Last week I escaped to beautiful Orange, NSW for a 5-day business trip. This was fortunate timing as Melbourne entered a 5-day lockdown the day after I had arrived! I’ve really missed being able to travel freely over the last year, no thanks to COVID-19.

My business trip was packed full of two fabulous client strategy sessions, as well as a branding photoshoot at the famous Jumbled in Orange. I was also able to indulge in lots of good food and local wine, and even got to try out the locally made Parrot Gin. A highlight was dining at a Michelin star Orange restaurant – the plus side of dinner for one is you can always get a table!!

During the trip I visited one one of my Creative Product Institute Mastermind Clients, Dani from Meeraboo Candles. I promised Dani that if she built her production studio (one of her big goals), I would visit, and it was so great to see first hand her amazing accomplishment.

My trip ended with a return flight home on a small propeller plane and I was the one and only passenger #Beyoncemoment.

It was such a great opportunity to celebrate one of my client’s successes, and it really reminded me of how passionate I am about supporting local business women. So this week I wanted to share more about Dani’s journey with you, and the incredible growth she has achieved over the last year. 

The Rapid Growth of Meeraboo Candles

When Dani first started to work with me, she was feeling overwhelmed about the direction she wanted to go with her business, and the task of creating a 12 month plan. One of our first steps was to put together a priority list, with one of Dani’s top priorities being to create a dedicated production studio for her business. Dani was able to achieve this goal, and has just moved into her studio! This has been a major goal for Dani for years, and I am so excited that her dream has turned into reality.

Another area that Dani wanted to work on was her mindset and business processes. Together we were able to identify tasks that she could outsource, and streamline her processes, freeing up some much needed time. This allowed Dani to spend more time doing the things she loves, as well as working on revenue generating tasks such as her marketing and engaging with stockists.

One of the other major wins over the last 12 months for Dani has been securing an additional 75 stockists, going from 25 stockists who were ordering in consistently, to over 100 stockists who order from Dani every single month!

Dani’s successes over the last year have been due to her hard work, as well as the dedicated support she has received in my Creative Product Institute Mastermind. In my Mastermind you will gain access to weekly group coaching calls, expert masterclasses and an exclusive community of over like minded business women. In Dani’s words, ‘working with Sarah has not been a cost, it has been an investment’. To learn more about the program, click here.

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