Marketing Automation Hacks Your Business Needs

How great would it be if we could all afford an in-house marketing department to handle all of our leads, follow up post-sale and write a customised email for every new customer or client. Sounds great, right? 

Well, this may not be realistic for your business just yet. You may need to hustle a few more years to get to this point. So let’s figure something out in the mean-time. 

In order to keep up with the ever-evolving digital world of marketing, you need to automate a large chunk of your marketing efforts. 

Automation is here to stay and everyone is doing it.

So, what is marketing automation?

In a nutshell, marketing automation refers to software that automates your marketing for you. The software is designed to help you prioritise and execute your marketing tasks in a more streamlined and efficient way.

Marketing automation has a multitude of benefits that will help you generate better results. It can help with lead nurturing and higher conversion rates and improve your customer service.

Here are my favourite marketing automation hacks…

Email Marketing

Emails are a super powerful tool for conversion. But writing personalised emails for all of your customers can become a painful and time consuming task! And even worse than that, sending emails to your whole subscriber list when it doesn’t relate to them doesn’t make any sense.

Here’s where email automation comes in handy. Email automation allows you to set up customer segmentations and you can send emails that are triggered by specific actions that customers take on your website. 

You can even set up a targeted sales funnel that sends a series of emails to your customer after they become a new subscriber. 

Timing For Success

Have you ever wondered what time on what day in the week is best to send your newsletter? Well, now you don’t need to wonder.

Marketing automation can deliver your weekly newsletter at the best day and time, individually to each contact in your database based on an individual’s online activity. 

You will be able to see increases in your open and click-through rates just by using this one automation hack! 

Abandoned Cart Emails

This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s hard to believe how many e-commerce sites don’t take advantage of their abandoned cart emails.

Generating new customers needs massive resources. There’s little point doing this when you have a pool of 25-60% customers who wanted to purchase your product, but didn’t. Using email automation, you will be able to target your audience and result in instant conversions!

The best bit is that most web platforms offer abandoned cart emails and automation as a built in extra.

Hot tip: The more personalised these emails are, the better! 


Let me know in the comments below if you’re using marketing automation. 

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