Goal Setting For The New Financial Year

Happy New Financial Year!
What a great time to buckle down and think about your goals. 

Your goals for July 2022 shouldn’t wait until next June. Instead, set yourself up now with thoughtful and achievable goals to maximise your likelihood of success.

The best way to make sure your goals are realistic and attainable is to work out what exactly you want to achieve and what needs to be done to get there. Be sure to consider things like how you will judge your progress, decide when you will work on this project, and when you want to achieve it. 

Be sure to use SMART goals…


Here are 3 things to consider when setting your new goals…

Invest In Yourself

Running a business takes a range of skills, and there’s no limit to what you can learn. Figure out where there’s gaps are in your professional or personal life and find a course or program, a coach, a new tool that will support your growth and take you further in your business.

For ideas, head to my blog Why You Should Be Investing In Yourself for 3 easy ways to invest in yourself.

Invest in yourself, you’re worth it. 


Stop Avoiding

When you’re working in your business, rather than on your business, it can be hard to find time to make changes. There’s usually at least one element in your business that you’re wanting to change but you can’t find the time to do so.

Whether it’s upgrading your website, connecting with your customers, or looking for a better deal on your insurances, stop avoiding it.

Take a moment to write down a plan, and continue to make moves on it. Otherwise it’s just another stress on your shoulders. 


Update Your Marketing Plan

If you’ve been putting off updating your marketing plan but wondering why you’re not where you want to be or you’re ready for the next step, this could be a perfect time to review it.

Your marketing plan might reflect where you were or where you wanted to be, but not where you’re at now or where you imagine your business. 

When you update your plans, you can review what you’ve experienced so far and get specific about what you want to achieve. 

Within the Creative Product Institute Mastermind, you will create a strategic plan for scalability and consistent thriving cashflow to launch your business to the next level. 

Sound like something you’re ready for? 

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Let me know in the comments what goals you’re working towards this financial year! 

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