Lockdowns – Why You Need Wholesale Innovation

Greetings from Sarah

If you’re running product-based business, you’d be feeling like you’ve been riding a roller coaster of emotions due to COVID-19 lockdowns, especially with the ups and downs here in Australia.

I’m based in Melbourne and we have just been released from our FIFTH lockdown. 

It’s incredibly frustrating to live your life with so many stop-starts and the stress of knowing the state can be shut down within a few hours notice. I’m currently homeschooling my teenage sons, and did that for 8.5months last year…. Crazy town!!!

I believe we all need to see how to ‘innovate’ to successfully navigate during a global pandemic. As humans and as business owners, we all have to get creative with marketing to secure and scale new stockists during the ever-changing landscape. 

Wholesaling innovation starts with seeking ways to connect and gain maximum brand awareness when in-person Trade shows and Markets are being canceled.

Virtual tradeshows can be lucrative and a fantastic way to grow your brand.
Generally, the way it works is that you create a business profile with links to your website and for orders received you pay a 15% commission or a flat rate fee to be listed on the platform.

My 4 preferred wholesale marketplace platforms to grow and run your business are:

Trada.ios (https://www.trada.io/)

Field Folio (https://fieldfolio.com)

Bush Boutique (https://www.thebushboutique.com.au)

Whola (https://www.whola.com.au)

Check out the links and let me know in the comments how you go!

Talk soon,

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