How Embracing Failure Makes You A Better Business Owner

Oprah says, “There are no failures in life, only lessons to be learned” and if Oprah is saying it, then it has to be true. 

At some point, everyone fails in life. Being an entrepreneur, people think that this fear doesn’t exist. It does, we just have a different way of processing it. 

Being scared of failure limits our opportunity for success. It’s natural to feel afraid of something, especially huge decisions. Think back to when you launched your business, were you afraid? I bet you were! But looking back now, I’m sure it’s one of your biggest accomplishments yet! 

“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly” 

– John F Kennedy


By embracing failure, you can:

Learn and grow

Failing shows us ways in which we need to improve. Knowing that failure isn’t the end of the line and just a roadblock to move past, will help you and your business grow so much. Use fear as fuel in your business. As a business owner you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You don’t grow in the comfort zone!

Ask yourself, “what have I failed at this week”.

Motivate Yourself

Succeeding at everything sounds great, but are you really making any moves? Failing makes us experiment and grow which is highly motivating for our businesses. Put your mind to it and dream big! 

Become A Risk Taker

Business owners are terrified of failing, why wouldn’t we be? The financial wellbeing of ourselves and families rely on our success. 

Without risk, there would be no reward. That is a fact. Failing pushes us to think outside the box and take risks. Be a risk taker. 


Celebrate Your Success

When you fail at something, having success in it when trying again will have you happy dancing like no tomorrow. Failing gives us a better appreciation of small wins and successes we have in our business. 

Embracing failure in a positive way eliminates the source of fear. Fear of failure is worse than failure itself. 


Let me know in the comments what you learnt from your last failure.

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