The Value of Finding Your Business Cheerleaders

Support is one of the biggest benefits of connecting with a community in business. As an entrepreneur, your day-to-day life can be lonely and can often feel isolating. Finding a community of supportive, like-minded business women, or as I like to call them, your business cheerleaders, can be invaluable. 

Having a community that you can share your wins with, get some advice on a problem, or even some encouragement from on the hard days can make a huge difference in your business journey and can help you find shortcuts to success.

Having people that understand the highs and lows of running a business offers a whole different level of support than your partner, family or friends who may not get in its entirety the way your business works. 

We also love seeing other people succeed. Seeing your business friends have wins can give you that much needed boost to get out of your comfort zone and reach your own business goals.

Connecting with other product business owners can offer you huge opportunities for collaboration and networking. People are much more likely to suggest your products to others if they have a personal connection to you! 

Where exactly do creative entrepreneurs FIND that mythical group of cheerleaders? You know the ones. The passionate, powerful, inspirational business owners who genuinely want to collaborate, share wins, ask questions and grow together?

Here are my suggestions for finding your business cheerleaders…

Coaching Programs

Joining Coaching Programs such as Masterminds, group coaching and courses are another way to connect with a community.

I have seen the benefits of community time and time again within my own coaching programs. In fact, many of my clients say that the community that comes with The Creative Product Institute, was one of their favourite parts of the Mastermind!

Facebook Communities 

Social media makes it easy to connect with other business women and find your community. Facebook is full of amazing groups where women join together to support and help each other. 

To find them, head to the groups tab of the Facebook app, and search for groups that may interest you. Try searching for the terms “Women in business” and “Women entrepreneurs”.

You may feel like you’re alone in your business, but it’s estimated around 600,000 women operate their own small business in Australia. That’s a HUGE amount of women out there just like you, hoping and praying for a chance to connect.

If you’re wanting to step up and find your Business Cheerleaders, book a Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery call with me, click here to find out more about the Creative Product Institute Mastermind.


Let me know in the comments where you found your business cheerleaders.

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