Thinking BIG In Your Product Business – Putting On Your Big Girl Pants

As an entrepreneur you have to make big decisions and take risks that are definitely not comfortable. Having the confidence to make these decisions and think big is the key to rapidly scaling your product sales and creating the business and lifestyle of your dreams! 

The ideal way to achieve long term success and have the lifestyle you’ve dreamt of is to build a predictable revenue in your business, which will open you up to bigger opportunities and help you enjoy greater peace of mind. 

It’s time to pull up your big girl pants!

So, how do we think big in business? 

Taking Risks

It’s important to make sure you have the support around you to boost your confidence and help you to take risks so that you can grow your business. 

I’ve watched my clients take huge risks in their businesses and they’ve paid off! 

Take Mary’s case study for example:

Mary has a gorgeous baby planner business and has just switched to a 3PL service and really wants to scale up her product sales.

She was selling out quickly and knew she needed to up-level her volume purchasing and inventory on hand to avoid running out.

Solution was to use a small business short term loans provider to increase her purchasing power. 

60-Day Result – she’s just messaged me to share that she’s hit her biggest sales month of $50,000

Fabulous results like this come from being confident in yourself and your business to take risks that will pay off! 

Investing In A Business Coach

At some point in your product business, you’re going to want to hire a business coach.

I hired my first business coach when I was 3 years established in my gift hamper business. The purpose of hiring a business coach was because I was in my early 20s in the business world and I had no prior experience running a business. I was also approaching large, corporate companies to try and win their business. Hiring a business expert allowed me to streamline my systems and help me to automate my processes, which in turn rapidly increased my recurring sales and more than doubled my yearly revenue. 

When I decided to sell my first business after 10 years, I sold it for over $500,000. The buyers told me that what was attractive about my business was that they could see that I had systems and processes in place with my staff and they could also see that I had rapid growth of sales each year. 

Investing in mentors and collaborating with industry experts, it wasn’t a cost, it was a long term investment.

It’s a great idea to hire a business coach because fresh eyes and a new perspective in your business can only lead to growth.

If you’re wanting to take a leap and think BIG, click here  to book in a Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery call with me.

Let me know in the comments how you think big!

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