Mindset Tips For Business Owners

As a business coach, I coach small business owners on how to successfully grow their business by creating consistent thriving revenue, how to stop wearing all the hats and getting the business and life balance that they dream of. Yes, we concentrate on profit margins, automation and outsourcing, but the number one thing I talk about is mindset. 

Running a profitable small business is no easy feat, and if your mindset isn’t prepared for the growth and achievement, you’re capping your success before you even start doing the rest of the work. My mission is to help amazing entrepreneurs find the confidence and clarity to move forward fearlessly and get the results they’re looking for. 

So, how can we channel the RIGHT mindset for business success?

Focus on Self Belief

Entrepreneurs juggle so many responsibilities and risks everyday that we almost don’t have any time for self-doubt, but of course, it rears its ugly head at the most inconvenient times. It sounds cliche, but self-belief really is a powerful thing. A negative mindset can hold you back in so many ways. 

Believing in yourself not only feels good, it helps you cope with stress and difficult emotions much easier, increases a positive outlook and it can increase your energy and motivation.

Positive affirmations are a great way to remind yourself of who you are and what you feel about yourself. I challenge you to look in the mirror and say 3 nice things about yourself everyday. You’ll be surprised how this impacts the rest of your day and success moving forward.

Practice Gratitude

Taking the time to stop and think about what you have to be thankful for, will automatically shift your focus from negative to positive. Let that feeling fill you up and fuel your mindset to keep pushing forward.

One of the best business decisions I’ve made was to start a gratitude journal. Simply write a quick summary of what you are grateful for every evening before bed. This will leave you feeling positive at the end of a long day.

If you want more tips on how to practice gratitude, head to my blog post How Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your Business.


Surround Yourself With People Who Get You

Managing other people’s expectations of you and your business is exhausting, and it’s mostly from people who don’t get it. You are not alone. There are so many entrepreneurs facing the same challenges as you that would be happy to lend an ear, give their feedback or point you in the right direction. 

Take notice of who cheers and who doesn’t when you achieve great things. 

Stay away from those who don’t cheer for you.


Remind Yourself Why You Started

Sometimes it’s hard to remind yourself that you actually LOVE what you do. If you don’t, the long evenings and tireless work will soon get you down. 

If you’re feeling burnt out or have lost your zest for business, learn to rest, not quit.


Progress Over Perfection

Perfectionism can really hold you back in business. Not only will this cripple you with performance anxiety, it will halt your progress. Embrace the fact that not everything will be perfect at all times and that’s okay. Instead, strive for progress and improve as you go. 

Remind yourself of past successes and achievements in your business. Dwelling on negatives or doubting yourself is time wasted in an entrepreneur’s already VERY busy day.


Get A Business Coach

If you’re done with feeling isolated and overwhelmed and you’re ready to take ACTION to find the confidence and clarity to scale your homeware or lifestyle product business to the next level.. it’s time to join my Creative Product Mastermind. Click here to learn more and book in a discovery call.

Let me know in the comments what your greatest mindset practice is.

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