5 Secrets to Scaling Your Business Fast

Are you ready to successfully scale your product business? You’ve worked hard to build a successful business but now you’ve hit a plateau and you’re stuck. Sound familiar?

Let me start by saying that building a successful business is a marathon, not a race. Keeping that in mind, there are some strategies you can employ to get that business of yours turning over a decent income, fast. 

Here are my 5 secrets to scaling your business fast…

Think BIG.

Now, it’s no secret that thinking big is the key to success… but it’s absolutely true. Not only does thinking big force you to be innovative in your business, it helps you to set goals that may be out of your comfort zone that you both consciously and subconsciously work towards. 

For example, instead of selling individual items, why not consider selling wholesale to a large chain.

Work ON Your Business, Not IN it. 

This is such a crucial indicator of success. If you are currently knee-deep in invoicing, scheduling social media posts, shipping orders, and wearing all of the hats, it needs to stop. How can you think of the big picture if you’re stuck doing the hands on? 

If you’re doing this currently, you need a strategy to scale. You can’t drive your business forward without one and it’s not something that you can build in a day.  

Take the time to identify elements of your business that aren’t bringing you joy, are taking up too much time, and that are easily outsourced by someone fabulous. This way, you’ll be able to focus ON your business. This small tweak will make a much larger impact on your business than you may realise. 



If you missed out on my last post, How To Find The Right Fit For Brand Collaborations, this might be the best place to start. 

Collaborations can really catapult your business success. The trick is identifying which brands and influencers to collaborate with for maximum brand exposure. 

Identify your demographic and like minded business types. For example, if you sell a monthly beauty box you could benefit from partnering with an accessories company.

Basically, the equation looks like this…

Same demographic + like minded business = double the audience and more sales!


Be Open To Investors 

How do you go from a $200,000 business to a $1m business? Expand. 

Unfortunately you can’t expand without spending some extra dollars, so be ready to pitch to some investors. 

Always have a backup plan to pitch to potential investors. What makes your business unique? How will you return their investment? Thinking this way will ensure your business is poised for profit. 


Build Your Audience

As I mentioned before with collaborations, building your audience will help you grow sales and build your brand awareness. 

Whether you’re hoping to attract wholesalers, sell products or launch a directory website, it’s imperative that you spend time making a plan to build your audience. 

There are so many ways to do this, but social proof and brand awareness are key.

Social Proof: Ramp up your reviews and testimonials. It’s estimated that over 70% of consumers will research a brand’s reviews before making a purchase. Posting these on your social media accounts will help grow a like and trust for potential customers. 

Brand Awareness: Finding the right people to know your brand exists, is key. If a consumer described your brand in one word, would it be the correct one? You are the only one who can change that. Take control of your branding and communications and get the word out.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite secret is!

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