Optimising your Landing Page

Optimising your Landing Page

Last week’s blog was all about How to Attract More Wholesale Customers and as I said, for wholesalers, marketing your products can be challenging!

One simple way is to Optimise your Landing Page!

Your landing page is SO IMPORTANT! It serves as the first impression of your brand and products.

Creating a unique landing page for your new wholesale customers, designed purely to capture leads and push your customers down your sales funnel is essential!

So, what goes into making the perfect wholesale landing page?

Generally, there are three main elements you should consider.

  1. Emphasise the Benefits of Your Wholesale Offerings. For example, popular wholesale marketplace Faire offers a vast catalogue of products, free returns, and extended payment plans
  2. Offer Social Proof. Your prospective customers want to see your wholesale offerings have successfully resolved pain points for other customers.

    For example, include customer testimonials on your wholesale website. Customer Reviews offer social proofand can give confidence for others looking into buying from your store

  3. Include Calls to Actions For example, use a “buy now” button or ask your readers to click on links. CTAs help direct your customers to take action where they might otherwise have procrastinated or navigated to a competitor’s site.
  4. Bonus Tip – Provide FAQ’s

Add an FAQ section to your landing page!

An FAQ is ideal at this point in the landing page to answer those little questions that you couldn’t address head-on in the landing page copy.

Do you have any questions about optimising your landing page? I’d love to hear from you – email me at sarah@sarahjcross.com

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