Why Trade Shows are Important for your Small Business

Why Trade Shows are Important for your Small Business

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There is only one reason trade shows are important for your product business! Building relationships!

As savvy entrepreneurs and serious small-business owners, it is imperative to build relationships with your prospects, partners, and customers.

People are looking for an authentic experience.

They want to do business with companies that have shared values and are looking for more of a “human touch,” even if most of their business interactions are handled online.

Here are 3 handy tips;

  1. Trade shows give you plenty of face time with both the movers and shakers of your industry and with interested, motivated, and eager-to-purchase potential customers too.

    Not only that, but you aren’t going to have to worry about the waste of “cold targeting” potential customers, clients and customers at trade shows the way you do with more traditional marketing. You already know the people attending trade shows are at the very least interested in what you have to offer, and are more likely to listen to pitches, network with you and your team, or even purchase what you have on offer right there on the spot.

  2. Small businesses should also take advantage of trade show events to suss-out the competition!

    Trade shows demand lots of prep. Booths are designed and built, sales pitches and presentations are refined, and the entire trade show experience for these industry leaders is treated like it’s their Super Bowl.

    Nowhere else will you have this many opportunities to learn from the more established, most successful companies in a market or industry. Nowhere else will all their “secrets” be on full display, and nowhere else are you going to be able to get the kind of inside information and insight from their sales and marketing teams with as much freedom and as much transparency as you will at a trade show.

  3. Lastly, trade shows offer authority, credibility and influence to your small business.

    When you’re able to set up your booth at a trade show that features industry titans, you are inherently seen as “on the same level” as those superstars. You can use these events to announce yourself to the market and the industry.

    Best of all, you can later use this shared platform as a major component of your marketing and advertising. Being able to say that you were featured at the same events as your biggest competitors allows a bit of their shine to rub off on your company and positions you well with potential prospects, partners and customers moving forward.

It’s well worth looking into setting up a booth at your industry’s next big trade show. Click here for my 2022 Trade Shows and Events Guide for Wholesalers

Do you have any questions about organising your first trade show? I’d love to hear from you – email me at sarah@sarahjcross.com

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