Taking Control of your Schedule and Life

Who feels in control of their life? Life can certainly get stressful and chaotic, but it is so important to take control in order to reach our goals.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by life and your schedule?
  • Do you struggle to make choices and decisions?
  • Do you often feel stuck?

The pace of life has accelerated to a level where we just can’t fully adapt. We exist in flurry of worry that we’re not doing what we’re meant to do, and the anxiety we feel, makes it difficult to get things done. What we need is more TIME!

This week my lovely clients were given a Masterclass in Taking Control of your Schedule and Life with the lovely Christie Flora from Flor & Order. I got some amazing takeaways from Christie and want to share these with you too!

NOW is the perfect time of year to learn how to take control of our schedule and life to keep ourselves motivated to keep our goals going for the year! AND taking control of our schedule and life is really all about time management and using your time effectively.

Get organised with your time!

It’s easy to say get organised, but sometimes it’s hard to actually be organised. What does it mean to “be organised” anyway? Well, it can be always knowing where everything you need is, arriving places on time, or generally being prepared for the day and week ahead.

How do I do this?

Create a To-do List

Make a new to-do list every day based on the previous day’s/weeks list and anything that came up since.

Have a plan of what you need to get done and when you’re going to action items off your to-do list.

Stick to a Routine

Sticking to a routine helps to automate tasks that need to get done because doing something every single day will make your brain happy and help to create good habits.

Try this out by making a general plan of your perfect day or week and stick to it for a week or month.

Calendar Blocking

Personally I love calendar blocking. This involves making specific time blocks for the tasks, events, and activities in your life, and then scheduling them against your calendar.

Batching Tasks

Batching tasks is a workplace efficiency method that involves grouping similar tasks together. This enables you to complete them quickly without time wasted switching to other tasks. Batching can not only improve productivity, but also increase concentration, and reduce time-consuming mistakes as well.

Try using the 4 D’s method of Time Management


Remove unnecessary tasks and move on.


Throw away your perfectionism and get it done.


You know I am a HUGE believer in outsourcing, and this is the key to getting control of your schedule.


Temporarily pause a task that doesn’t need to be done tight away.

It’s time to pull up your big girl pants!⠀

Do you have any questions about Taking Control of your Schedule and Life? I can help.

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