Empowering Women in Business

Empowering Women in Business

Empowering Women in Business

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, I was thrilled to have Johanna Clark from Pink Nade as my podcast guest this week to chat about Empowering Women in Business.

Johanna is a HUGELY PASSIONATE about empowering women in business. She loves her Girl Gang HARD and has the mentality “that if she can do it, you can do it too!”

Jo has led by example and has walked her talk! Jo started her business 14 years ago whilst being a young mum (now mum to FIVE!) and has learned from her mistakes along the way! Jo has some awesome tips for empowering women to rise above and back themselves!

Know your priorities

Being a mum in business is a balancing act. Jo is better at this balancing act now than at the start of her business where you have to put in the longer hours and hard work, but it is all about knowing what your priorities are and getting stuck in with a great support network around you.

Find your people

Find a group of women who can support and advise you without judgement.

Accept challenges in business

You will falter – and that’s ok! Find positives from every obstacle and learn from your failures.

Self-belief is essential

Building confidence and self belief in yourself is vital to your success. You won’t believe what you are capable of once you start! Teach yourself the skills you need in your business and just do it!

Learn and grow constantly

The number one tip is to factor in time for yourself! Self-development and enriching yourself is vital to the growth of your business. Taking time to step away from your business to give yourself space for inspiration is an investment to prioritise.

Imposter syndrome be gone

We all experience imposter syndrome in our careers and you just have to ignore it – rise above it and back yourself.

Have fun

Prioritise fun and don’t take yourself seriously. Having fun will energise you!

It’s time to pull up your big girl pants!

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