How to elevate your business goals by setting your intentions with my 6 step formula

Step 1. Create a vision board for your business

I’m a very visual person and many creatives are very visual too. So if that’s you, the first thing that you can do is create a vision board.  

I see many of my clients doing the same and having incredible success by creating a vision board for your business. 

Vision boards are so popular and there’s a reason why – it’s about creating a vision that’s specific to your business and to your life. It can be a really fun way to uncover what you desire your business to look and feel like, and where you want to focus your attention. Especially if you find yourself too much in your head, perhaps getting feelings of overwhelm. 

It’s a great way to create a bigger mission through imagery. It can be so rewarding and you can really let your imagination run wild. My favourite place is Pinterest. That’s a really fabulous way to start with creating a vision board. 

For example, I myself have got a vision board on a pinboard next to my desk here at my office, which features my dreamboat car, which is a Range Rover. And I’ve also got my 2022 goals that I’ve broken down into four sections – one for finance, personal,  business and health.

What was really interesting is that when you are actually setting those intentions and setting those bigger goals for the first year, many people make resolutions, they all actually have to be aligned with each other. So for example, if you set out to run a marathon or undertake a big personal development course, and your focus is going into those bigger, more time-consuming goals, then you need to seek out balance with those other areas, such as your personal life. 

It might mean that you don’t have as many hours to spend socializing or going out with family and friends, if you are choosing to study for instance, or you’re choosing to train where you’re going to be spending a lot more time getting fit. 

Step 2: Outline your ideal day

You are your own boss, you’re an entrepreneur. It’s really important to get clear about what your ideal day as a CEO or a business owner business is going to look and feel like. 

Intention setting is actually creating a map to help avoid you getting sidetracked from your bigger visions of life and business by spending days multitasking, getting caught up in day to day things or procrastinating.

It’s important to set a schedule so that you can actually enjoy the greatest perks of being an entrepreneur and being self-employed. Ask yourself how many days, or how many hours do I have in a workday? What would my dream day look like? How would that feel? And how often do I want to work each week? When am I most productive? Is it the morning or evening? 

And really importantly, factoring in some daily self-care. I can’t stress that enough. More and more, I see women who burn out businesswomen who are just taking on so many tasks. They just simply don’t have any white space in their week to have some self-care. 

And self-care doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to a day spa every week. It’s simply just having some time out where you get to actually switch off, go out and exercise such as yoga or Pilates, going for a walk and getting a coffee with a friend, treating yourself once a month to a massage. There are so many different things that you can work into your working week so that you can actually have that practice of daily self-care, which is something that is unfortunately always left last. 

Step 3. Schedule a monthly intention setting party

It doesn’t have to be a party. You get together with other like-minded women, who are business owners and self-employed. Even if it’s just once a month, you can do it over zoom. But it’s always fun if you can actually meet up and have a nice dinner, over a glass of wine, just sharing your intentions with each other, and verbalizing them can just really move the needle and express what you want to focus your energy on. 

You can ask yourself questions like, what’s your biggest learning from the previous months? What are some great takeaways that you can action into the coming months? A great time to do this intentional goal setting is at the start of each month. Looking back and reflecting on the previous months, what do you want to celebrate? At the end of this month, what would be a significant milestone? It doesn’t always have to be financial. 

It can be that you’ve outsourced and hired a new 3PL to manage all your pick and pack orders. It could be that you’ve engaged and hired a VA to give you time to get back into the creactive side of your business and away from all the business admin. 

There are so many things that you can do. And just by simply making it a scheduled monthly event in your diary means that it’s going to happen. It’s going to be intentional. 

Step 4. Choose a word of the week

So intention setting doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be really simple and easy as just choosing a word of the week. A word like confidence, trust, visibility, or play. 

It’s a really great way to stay committed to an intention without having to do anything too elaborate. Try writing your word in your journal. You can break it into weekly intentions or even monthly. 

You can put a little sticky note on your computer or on your mirror. When you’re getting ready in the morning, create a calendar reminder, have it as your screen saver on your phone, anywhere that you’re going to actually see that word pop up. A lot of people choose a word for the year, but I actually think a word for the month or for the week is even more powerful because things change from month to month.

It can be really simplified. 

Step 5: Claim your superpower

So you’ve set your intentions. Your energy is flowing. Now it’s really easy to forget just how good you are, how amazing you are as a human. So take some time to remind yourself that you are truly gifted. Identify what is your superpower?

It could be something like, getting people to view things differently. Or do you have a really strong intuition? Are you really fabulous at creating beautiful products that help others in their life?

Look at what your skills are, look at what your offers are. 

In terms of being a business owner, is it about you being able to manage a team? Or are you able to streamline processes? 

Things can go by so fast in life. It can become completely consuming when you are raising children and building a business and trying to seek balance in your life. Don’t forget to celebrate all the fabulous ways that you are shining. So claim your superpower.

Step 6: Visualize yourself in five years time

Take a step back to imagine where you would like to be in five years. 

Now, it might seem like a long way off, but knowing all the answers is really in essence part of the journey. You’ve got to enjoy the journey and be passionate. Passion breeds commitment. You are tapping into your superpowers. It’s easy to get really caught up in the day to day activities of running a business. So taking a moment just to close your eyes and picture yourself in five years from this moment – where are you? What are you doing? Can you see yourself in terms of what you are wearing, what you are doing, how you’re feeling, what is the impact you are making, and who is around you?

Are you over on a beautiful island holiday? Are you working remotely because you have a team in place that allows you to work remotely. How does that make you feel? What wisdom does your future self want your current self to know.

Through reflection and visualization, you can really set those clear intentions of what you might think is too far away. It actually is incredibly powerful.

Use these six incredible ways to use intention setting, to really elevate your business goals.

It’s time to pull up your big girl pants!

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