How to cultivate flow with the energetics of business

How to cultivate flow in your business

Today we are speaking with the fabulous Laetitia Andrac of Essential Shift. She is a holistic business coach, and she’s also my business coach. I feel very honoured to have her here, she has made an amazing impact on me and my business. 

Laetitia helps women leaders and entrepreneurs in creating a very aligned business career. She is making ancient, spiritual wisdom accessible to busy modern-day women. She has a solid grounding in mindfulness, starting meditation at just five years of age, and spirituality with a lineage of healers in her family, business savvy, and strategic background. She incorporates her 12 years in business and leadership to guide women to create a soul in business. Her passion is to bring a sense of sacredness and intentionality to everyday life. She is a Mum of two little girls and she lives in Cornell beach, New South Wales. She is attempting to practice what she teaches, coaches and mentors, creating a life that is aligned and sustainable. 

How do you explain to people what you do?

The soul and business doula is really part of what I do when I hold this sacred space for women in business to birth their next offering, to birth the next expansion in their business, to birth the next level of growth. And that is really creating this connection with the vision, with their soul, with a craving, with a whisper that is in their mind that they’re ignoring so far, that is in their heart that they haven’t listened to. And then we are birthing it into the world.

What I really love about the term “doula”, is this aspect of being here without being seen. If you have ever had a doula when you gave birth, they’re here, you send their presence, but they’re not invading your space, right? And this is what I’m doing for my clients. I’m really here to support them, guide them, brainstorm, and all of that. I am here as a secret and I don’t need to step on stage. I am here by your side, holding your hand for you to strive in your business for you to align your business with your souls. That’s why I call it soul and business doula. 

A doula is a word that is used to assist. It’s a position to assist, but not to invade or to interfere. And in Australia, most people just go into the hospital, there are nurses and doctors in there, isn’t sort of so much of a spiritual connection, but someone to look after you going through birth the first time. it’s a big experience!

The first time you birthed your business or the first time you already have a new product and you offering a new service, you never know who’s gonna take it. There is this moment of trust and surrender that the birthing process will go as it is meant to go.

Why are the energetics of business important?

The energetics in business, it’s about noticing your own energy and bringing awareness to your level of energy. The energetics in business is really coming back to yourself and reconnecting with your energetic bodies, which are your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. It is about reclaiming your own energy and knowing yourself, and it all starts with a self-awareness that you can serve to the best of your potential that is truly aligned with you.

Is it important to blend spirituality and strategy in business?

If you work with the energetics, which is linked to spirituality and you don’t look at the strategy, it’s not going to be enough because it’s beautiful to be intuitively led and to be focusing on the energetics. But you need to have a strategy in place. It’s about aligning the divine feminine and the divine masculine energetics. f you’re just strategic and not at all intuitive, you don’t have the processes to support yourself. It’s about blending the two and then you can create this approach that is sustainable for yourself, for you to serve your community for you to serve your clients. 

How much of your intuition do you need if you are new to this spiritual side of business? 

Your intuition is definitely a muscle. We need to start working with it, strengthening it, and paying attention to it. It’s about reclaiming this wisdom. It is a vision for some, it’s a sound, and we all have different ways for our intuition to express itself. It often starts with reconnecting with it and giving it its place.

I think women have an incredibly strong intuition. It always seems to be identified in your gut, but as you said, it can be in other parts, other ways that it’s coming to you. Have more awareness, bring more awareness to it because running a business, isn’t just all about strategy and doing black and white processes. You have to have space to improve your business by having some white space at the start of the week where you are focused on planning.

It is a powerful day to set intentions, connect with your week to take it slow, and start loving the Monday. If you start bringing this energy into your business and blending them with spirituality, there is no other way, but to feel expansive in your business and run it in a way that is aligned with yourself. That is sustainable. That is nourishing. 

How can busy entrepreneurs bring flow into their day? 

I created an acronym around FLOW.

F stands for foundations

Without foundations, you won’t be able to bring flow to the foundations. You need a tap to open the water to flow through the tap. So you need to create foundations. You need to have those processes. Foundation is really important. 

L is lighting

What is your own energy type? When are you most efficient? When are you loving doing things? What is the offering in your business that light you up? What are the offerings that drain you? What are the products that you love to produce yourself? What are the things that are not creating profit and all that? You start bringing awareness to it. 

O is owning your path

You can decide, what am I getting rid of? What am I focusing on?

W is who

You can bring new things to life that are really aligned. You need to clearly state when, and how? What are your rules? What are those boundaries that you need to set in place? You can create flow within those boundaries. We need to reclaim this kind of power being the CEO of our own business, being the persons that get to decide and get to be role models. 

Sometimes it’s uncomfortable that you have to say no, but by saying no, you’re saying yes to other things and you’re also sending a signal energetically to what you are available for. What are the things that I can put in place for flow to become part of my life? 

If you’re feeling burnt out, if you’re feeling pulled in all different directions, if you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s very important to check in and ask yourself, is this working for me? Is this the way I want to create a business on my terms? And now the business is controlling me. That’s what you want to avoid. 

Everything in your business needs to start from spaciousness. Peace and inspiration start from within.

What are the common obstacles that you see that business owners struggle with when it comes to getting the energetics? Is it boundaries or is it their expectation of what they think they need to be?

I would say the first obstacle is making the time to connect with your own energy. It is where the power lies because when you reflect, this is where the breakthrough happens. But what if you reflect, what if you look at it with an open heart, an open mind, and ask yourself what has been working? So the first thing is reflection. 

It’s about having the energy, the alignment, and the balance that will avoid burnout. But bringing that really lovely flow into your business where you are loving what you do. And if you’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur you’ve chosen to work for yourself, then you are entitled. 

Visualize your obstacles. This is the first thing – pose, reflection, and visualization. 

No one sees the value of that. It’s the main obstacle. Is posing mean wasting time? No, it’s saving time. Then the second main obstacle that I see is that the energy is not working. It just believes that it is not working because they’ve never really worked with it. Start connecting with the journal and how you feel different every day, how you feel different every hour, and reconnect with your energy. And then you will see it’s working. Give it a chance!

It’s time to pull up your big girl pants!

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