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It’s easy to blame situations or other people when we don’t reach our goals. Have you ever wondered though, if it could be YOU holding yourself back from achieving success or, if you possibly limit your results because of what you believe? We hold beliefs about almost everything in our lives. These have a direct […]

Stop self-sabotaging
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I recently posted a podcast called Stop Comparisonitis from Holding you Back.  Read all about it here or alternatively if you would prefer to take a listen, head on over to Products to Profits on Itunes https://apple.co/33oJiAQ or anywhere you listen to your podcasts. How to stop comparing yourself to others. Social media, as we […]

Stop Comparisonitis From Holding You Back
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Empowering Women in Business
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Who feels in control of their life? Life can certainly get stressful and chaotic, but it is so important to take control in order to reach our goals. Do you feel overwhelmed by life and your schedule? Do you struggle to make choices and decisions? Do you often feel stuck? The pace of life has […]

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How to Make your Goals Realistic and Attainable Last week I chatted to you about setting up your goals for 2022. Ensuring your goals are thoughtful and achievable to maximise your likelihood of success and guaranteeing you have the confidence to make BIG goals by; Understanding your goals Taking control of your life Creating your […]

How to Make your Goals Realistic and Attainable

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