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I was thrilled to have the lovely Christine Cochran on the podcast recently.  Christine is a business mindset master coach, a speaker, a podcast host, and co-founder of the Rise Up Conference and creator of the Energetics of Money program.  Christine and I spoke about how she helps heart-centred business owners overcome their imposter syndrome, […]

Stop self-sabotaging
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Stop Comparisonitis From Holding You Back
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I recently did a podcast episode sharing the 5 most common mistakes I see product businesses make and how to avoid them. I’ve written it out here for you, however, if you would prefer to take a listen, head on over to Products to Profits on Itunes https://apple.co/33oJiAQ or anywhere you listen to your podcasts. […]

Empowering Women in Business
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Who feels in control of their life? Life can certainly get stressful and chaotic, but it is so important to take control in order to reach our goals. Do you feel overwhelmed by life and your schedule? Do you struggle to make choices and decisions? Do you often feel stuck? The pace of life has […]

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How to Make your Goals Realistic and Attainable
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Happy New Year! It’s that time of the year! Time for BIG GOAL PLANNING for 2022!   What a great time to buckle down and think about your goals. Your goals for 2022 should set you up with thoughtful and achievable goals to maximise your likelihood of success. Next week I want to chat to […]

BIG Goal Planning

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