Right now you’re making an OK profit, you’re seeing sales in your own store and you’re plotting along just fine…

…but you know that 

There must be more to running a product business.

One that…
  • Gives you more financial freedom
  • Allows you to stop wearing all the hats
  • Doesn’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • Doesn’t collapse whenever you dare to take a holiday
  • Comes with a community rather than the isolation of a one-woman show


It’s time to discover what a scalable AND profitable product business REALLY looks like.

Relying on YOUR store to do ALL the selling is putting a cap on your financial success

Here’s the truth:

The key?
Embracing a wholesale strategy for your business.
But let me guess.
That’s no news to you.
That’s why you’ve come here in the first place.

You’re ready to pull up your big girl pants!

Deep inside you know that you’re ready to…
• Take action and think BIG
• Step up and own your HUGE potential
• Action the MANY ideas floating around in your head
• Leverage the power of women at the same GAME-CHANGING stage of business
You’re ready to add wholesale to your business.

What you need to get you there is an acclaimed wholesale profit expert in your back pocket and the accountability of other women working towards the same goal. 

While wholesale income might seem sheer impossible right now...

...there’s a way to get you there

What you REALLY need isn’t a magic formula.

What you need is a proven way to...
⊳ Replace execution paralysis with clear direction and accountability
⊳ Sense-check your ideas so you’re confident you won’t make costly mistakes
⊳ Reclaim your time so you can focus your energy on what’s most important to you
⊳ Overcome the unbeatable plateau you’ve been stuck on so you can FINALLY see the financial results you deserve

It’s ALL THE THINGS on your plate.

But it’s not a lack of passion holding you back.


The Mastermind for seasoned product-based business owners looking for a strategic roadmap to 1M+ revenue with direct support, encouragement and tailored advice.

Product to Profit Mastery

Accelerate your journey to business freedom without the exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm that often comes with it.

If you’re ready to wave business-owner isolation goodbye and take REAL action to scale your homeware or lifestyle product business, then this is the Mastermind for you.

And ultimately transform your business. Long-term.

• Scale your business to $1M+ annual revenue
• Transform the financial health of your business
• Increase your brand recognition and the traffic to your business
• Tap into multiple revenue streams for TRUE financial peace of mind
• Embrace an automated system that ACTUALLY brings in recurring revenue

Join the ONLY Mastermind specifically designed to help you…

At only 24 years old, I built a successful corporate gift hamper service from my kitchen table.

It was a $30,000 wholesale contract that took me from personally wrapping every package by hand to annual sales of $1.5M.

But it wasn’t all glitz and glamour right from the start.

I was an overwhelmed mum of 2 little boys trying to juggle ALL THE THINGS in my business. Myself.

What that looked like at the time?
Picture me up late strategizing once the boys were finally asleep, managing staff on the run, ducking into my bricks and mortar store 3 days a week (more often some weeks) and being the primary carer in my family.

I was overwhelmed and exhausted. Possibly even burnt out.
And my family, health and well-being were paying the price.

Things had to change.

So I went after the only thing that was going to get me the balance I craved:
I added wholesale to my business.

And never looked back.

Hi, I’m Sarah.

But who am I to talk?


Proudly supported and adored clients

With my perfect blend of tried-and-tested strategies, shortcuts and accountability.

When you join this Mastermind you get exclusive access to:

How can The Creative Product Institute get you that same balance?

We walk you through all the steps for your success journey. We will create a strategic plan via Zoom for your ultimate business growth and profits.

2 x 60min Strategy Sessions pLUs 

from the coaching team to submit and get direct feedback for your 
business questions. 
Response time is 48hrs.

and Support

via Zoom every Wednesday from 
10 am - 11.30 am (AEDT) strategic planning for your ultimate business growth and profits.

26 x Weekly Wednesday LIVE Group Success Strategy SessionS

The signature framework for creative product businesses to help you think and play bigger as you create a strategic plan. It’s your personal roadmap to a consistent, thriving cashflow and scalability that will take your business to the next level.

The 12 Pillars of Expansion

Get access to Ecommerce industry experts to help you overcome your tech, legal or mindset hurdles. Monthly live training masterclass is designed to free you up to work ON your business instead of IN it.

6 x 60min Guest Expert Live Monthly Training Sessions

Mingle, network and discuss aligned partnerships with your fellow Masterminders. There’s no better space to dream big together with like minded business females.

Membership to Facebook private members' online group

Where you create a crystal clear plan for ultimate business growth and profits (flights and hotel not included). Gold Coast March 11th and 12th 2023.

Discounted Single Ticket to attend 2-day VIP Business Women's Retreats

 to the Products to Profits Signature Wholesale Sales System course. Access to templates, profitability calculator, wholesale look book, wholesale line sheet plus a library of expert training.

free online access


Then now’s the time to say YES to…
• Scaling a product-based business with true impact on your bank account and lifestyle
• Investing in the expert guidance that will give you the confidence to make BIG moves
• Spending less time in the business and more time on what’s matters
• Finding a community that has your back and cheers you on

The one thing standing between you and the BIG shift you deserve?

A conscious choice to join an intimate group of passionate business women in this one-of-a-kind Mastermind.

Do I see you nodding?

• Your homeware or lifestyle product-based business is already making steady 6 figures per year
• You’re ready to scale your business to $1M+
• You understand the importance of investing in yourself and your business
• You’re ready to take action and do the work

The Creative Product Institute is for you if...


Naomi Rohr | Arvarcas Australia

Avarcas Australia wouldn’t be where it is without her guidance. Her extensive experience and sound support were exactly what I needed, giving me practical and achievable advice. We worked steadily through all areas from improving logistics, new web platform, pricing structure and the confidence to loosen the reigns and outsource.

Most importantly was her guidance and push to explore wholesaling which now accounts for 50% of revenues and my business revenue grew to 7 figures in less than 12months! Her coaching comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Uyen | Frame This

“I learned from Sarah it’s not a weakness, but a strength to recognise that timely, expert help is a business investment, not a cost.
Sarah constantly challenged me, pushed me beyond my comfort zone and confronted me with some uncomfortable questions about my goals and strategies. But in doing so, it forced me to acknowledge the opportunities for growth and where I needed to concentrate my efforts. During my time with Sarah, she has helped me put systems and processes in place to effectively manage my business (allowing me to work ON the business rather than in the business). I have learned to outsource where required to take my business to the next level.

Sarah is a valuable sounding board, sharing her business knowledge, providing me with support, advice and encouragement and giving me access to her community of other like-minded business women. She has been a trusted advisor and I am super excited to continue my journey with Sarah for a further six months.”

Michelle Smith | Curated With Conscience

Sarah has been a godsend – her product-based business and marketing expertise was exactly what I needed to fast track my business growth. Her unwavering belief in me and my fledgling business concept gave me the confidence to go for it.
Sarah has equipped me with the confidence, skills, tools and network to grow my business into a profitable full-time endeavour.

If you’re looking for coaching and you have a product-based business, I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. She has “walked the walk” and her expertise will save you an incredible amount of time and money on your business journey.

Laura Turner | Wild Indiana

“When I signed up with Sarah, I had no wholesale clients, I now have over 100 wholesale clients, who are actively ordering. By expanding this area of my business it has taken my business to a multiple 6 figure business.

I would highly recommend working with Sarah. I have learned so much from her experience in the industry. I have appreciated her encouragement and wisdom, its been absolutely invaluable. We will continue to expand our product range and go international!

Thank you Sarah for everything it’s been the most incredible year!​”

Kind words from students like you

Once you’ve applied and scheduled a free 30-minute application session, we will ask you questions to see if you are the right fit to enroll. 

If we determine you are the right fit for the mastermind, you can choose to pay in 4 installments with agreed dates (one payment per quarter), OR you can pay in full up front and save $1000 AUD off the total cost of the program.

Immediately, as soon as you’ve signed the program agreement and paid.

This program is only available for business owners with an existing product and already making 6-figures per year.

No, we are not sales agents. This program will equip you with the steps to approach and secure new stockists.

We only accept action takers and those that are in to win it, so you must be able to get started immediately.

This Mastermind program is about doing the work in your business using our proven signature system to get massive results.

We do not guarantee results as each member ability to implement, take action is unique. The success of the program is designed if you do the work, implement the pillars of expansion, show up for the weekly coaching sessions and are committed to your expansion dream that will determine your success.

We understand that you may want more one to one time, so we do provide private coaching packages to purchase. These are subject to availability and additional cost to the Mastermind program. 


The 12 Pillars is my proven signature system for creative product business expansion. A new pillar will unlock each month as you work through the 12-month program, including templates, checklists, training videos, and industry experts masterclass recordings:
1. Your Growth Master Plan
2. Product-Market Match
3. Mastering Mindset: How to Think Bigger
4. Fast Track Marketing
5. LinkedIn Sales System Secrets
6. Conversations Create Cash
7. Fearless Sales Handling Objections
8. Boost Cash Flow
9. Protect Your Brand: Legal Needs for Your Business
10. SEO Marketing
11. Building a Thriving Team
12. Work Less, Earn More


Ready to map your strategic roadmap to 1M+ revenue?

Apply today!