Product Profitability Calculator Bundle

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Wholesale to Retail Pricing Spreadsheet

Manufacturing Offshore

Corporate Gift Hamper Pricing

This Product Profitability Calculator Bundle includes:

You’re right...that is a ton of valuable, and potentially time saving information. And it’s stuff you can go learn fast…....and avoid making the mistakes that many other creative business owners make

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I’m Sarah, the founder behind the Creative Product Institute and author of Fearless Fempreneur. I help creative women get a profitable strategy to launch and rapidly scale and sell more of their products.

When I’m not a product sales strategist and business coach, I like to travel, discover new recipes to cook and play with my kids.

Over the past 23 years as a small business owner, I’ve seen how guiding and mentoring creative businesswomen helps them to sell more products and scale their businesses which means that they can really have a business of their dreams.

So many creative business owners want to skyrocket their success in creating, launching, and scaling their gorgeous lifestyle and homeware products, but they’re just not sure how to get there. It’s so important, though.

Firstly, you’ve got to know how to not just find the right buyers but price your products to be profitable right This helps you to;

→ Have predictable, recurring sales every month.
→ Know how to create less stress and gain more peace of mind for your cash flow
→ Confidently attract and master your ideal target audience and target key buyers

​That’s why I want to share a super simple offer that’s exclusive to you….it’s just $47 AUD to get my Product Profitability Calculator Bundle.

Okay, so inside this Product Profitability Calculator Bundle is the formula to correctly price your products which sets you up right from the start to scale a profitable business. It includes 3 types of costing sheets, wholesale model, individually handmade and gift hamper costings. Just drop in your numbers and let the costing sheet calculate the right price using the industry-standard margins.

I’ve found that the large majority of creative product owners are working on the wrong margins...Eeek! That means that they’re leaving money on the table.

Understanding how to effectively price your product is the first step in building a successful profitable business. I’ve got loads of amazing resources about scaling your gorgeous product business that are sure to help you!

Oh Hey! I'm Sarah J Cross